NETPAK PHILIPPINES, INC. is a member of the Network Group of Companies that was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February 1980. Initially created as a separate department in 1988, Netpak was incorporated in February 1992 as one of the subsidiaries of Network to cater to the vast market of packaging consumables.

T hrough the years, Netpak has been supplying Aluminum Pilfer-proof Caps, Aluminum Collapsible Tubes, Metal Closures, Plastic Closures, Amber Boston Round Bottles and Eyedropper Plastic Bottles to major companies in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Agrochemical industries. In addition to this, Pallets and Stretch Films are also distributed for Industrial Applications.

I n expanding its core competence in the Packaging Industry, Netpak set up an 18mm ROPP Manufacturing Line in 1997 and recently, the 20mm line. Maintaining strict quality standards and prompt deliveries with strong support from foreign business partners, Netpak is gradually but surely making a significant contribution in the development of Al ROPP packaging .

I n 2002, Netpak acquired exclusive rights from foreign principals to handle local sales & distribution of select packaging equipment, to complement its supply of quality packaging materials. The scope currently includes labelers, cappers, fillers, laboratory samplers and related equipment.

A nd in 2005, Netpak has started to supply various packaging products for Cosmetics Industries such as Aluminum Collapsible Tubes for Hair Dye Colorants, PE & Laminated Plastic Tubes, Cosmetic Package, Mist and Trigger Sprayer, Plastic & Aluminum Perfume Atomizer and PE bottles in various shapes & sizes (oval, cylinder & strange form) for perfumes, colognes & lotion products.